How to add new Business?

what is a business?

A “business” in Ghostwrite serves as your control center for managing ghostwrite’s content creation.
This includes analytics, keyword management, integrations, business information, publishing configurations, and auto-writer settings. It’s your all-in-one hub for efficient content management and optimization.

How to add a new business?

  1. Click on the Websites dropdown in the top menu, and then select “Add a new business.”
  2. Enter your website URL and click ‘Scan Website’.
  3. After clicking ‘Scan Website’, it will populate your business information. feel free to edit it if necessary.
  4. When finish click ‘Select Goal’ to choose a writing goal.
  5. Choose your desired goal

    Conversion: Engage users by presenting information, subtly leading to the conclusion that your product is the best solution for their needs.

    Informative: Provide valuable information, tips, and step-by-step guides to educate and assist the audience.
  6. Once finished, Click ‘Select Your Writer’s Tone & Language’
  7. Select your desired tone by clicking the buttons with the tone avatars.
  8. Ghostwrite will automatically detect your website’s language. Feel free to modify it if needed.
  9. Once finished, Click ‘Let’s Add Some Trending Keywords’
  10. Enter Keywords to Shape Your Future Blog Posts
  11. To add a new keyword, simply type your desired keyword into the input field above, and then press “Enter” to include it.
  12. By pressing on the keyword badge, you can delete them

Congratulations! You created a new Business!